Batchrender Pro 1.0 - $15

Common uses for Batchrender Pro
System requirements

A PC with Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 capable of running Vegas 4.0 and the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1.

1. This is an example Web batch. Multiple formats with multiple bitrates. When each file is rendered Batchrender Pro can automatically upload the file to an FTP server.

2. Multiple projects, each rendered to MPEG-2 and AC-3 for use in DVD Architect or other DVD authoring software.

3. The Add/Edit Render screen. Unlike other scripts used to split files with Vegas, Batchrender Pro is sample accurate for both NTSC and PAL regardless of what time format Vegas is currently set to. The files can be put back together again without loosing anything.

4. Upload settings.

You need a serial number to use Batchrender Pro:
Batchrender Pro
serial number, $15.
The serial number will be emailed to you as soon as payment has been manually verified.


By downloading this software you are agreeing to the license agreement.

Batchrender Pro 1.0 (BatchrenderProInstall.exe)
Batchrender Pro 1.1 Beta for Vegas 5.0 (Batchrender Pro 1.1 Beta Vegas5.0.exe)
Batchrender Pro 1.1 Beta for Vegas 4.0 (Batchrender Pro 1.1 Beta Vegas4.0.exe)

or the demo (it will not let you render files):

Batchrender Pro Demo 1.0 (BatchrenderProDemoInstall.exe)
Batchrender Pro Demo 1.1 Beta for Vegas 5.0 (Batchrender Pro Demo 1.1 Beta Vegas5.0.exe)

HowTo: 2-pass encoding with BatchrenderPro