Vegas Quake 1.0 for Vegas 4+5/.NET 1.1

  • Creates keyframes on your selection that makes your video or generated media shake
  • Creates video bus track envelopes for video supersampling and motion blur to give a more natural shake
System requirements

A PC with Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 capable of running Vegas 4.0 and the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1.

Using Vegas Quake
  1. Make a timeline selection with the selection bar
  2. Select any additional video tracks where you have events that you want to be affected
  3. Run the script: Start Vegas Quake from the Tools menu in Vegas. Tools -> Scripting -> Run Script and locate VegasQuake.js in the folder you installed the application.
Known issues

Using Vegas Quake on overlapping events produces undesirable results, consecutive events that do not overlap are fine though.

The Add Linear Blur feature will be completed in the next release. It will add the Linear Blur effect with automatically calculated amount and angle for each keyframe.

See Vegas Quake in action:
VegasQuakeHi.wmv (573 KB)
VegasQuakeLo.wmv (176 KB)

VegasQuake2.wmv (132 KB)

Vegas Quake is free for personal use. If you're using Vegas Quake commercially please make a small donation:
The donations will finance proper internet hosting for my tools. I am a college student, so it's not like you're feeding the already rich ;-)

By downloading this software you are agreeing to the license agreement.

Vegas Quake 1.0 for Vegas 5.0(VegasQuake1.0_Vegas5.exe)
Vegas Quake 1.0 for Vegas 4.0(VegasQuake1.0_Vegas4.exe)


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